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3 bl arrows bl box2Determining which assets have changed over time, where they've gone, or how they've been manipulated, requires the application of professional skills that we have as a specialty where other firms only generalize. In the course of our investigations, FFI provides corporations, attorneys and individuals two distinct forms of forensic analysis: financial examinations and data discovery.

Most fraud investigations require an explicit and focused forensic review of accounting data. Our experience and financial perspective goes beyond that offered by traditional accounting firms. We cut through the clutter, creating clarity and understanding in a chaotic environment.

Our specialists, led by a Certified Forensic Consultant, analyze books and records to illuminate and define specific activities. We scrutinize, flag, and report on data pointing to specific transactions which are part of a focus group. With this information, we give the client the opportunity to make appropriate decisions; for example, whether you need to take specific actions, whether or not contracts were properly accounted for, or if funds were embezzled. We cut through the clutter, creating clarity and understanding in what are often chaotic financial environments.

Although no analytical tools completely insure the absence of all fraudulent activities, our forensic inspection procedures most closely approach that goal. A forensic examination also unearths indicators which show us what procedures a client should implement to protect against future abuses.

In this ever-increasingly data-rich world, the vast majority of work-related product is generated, maintained and archived on a computer, with a disk storage system at its core. Today’s “paper trail” is predominately Magnifying glass focused on pile of silver and copper American coinsgenerated and maintained through computer data and storage systems. When money or important data goes missing, forensic data recovery techniques often uncover and extract information critical to a case.

Fraud & Forensic Investigations’ trained forensic computer examiners provide thorough forensic computer examinations as an integrated part of an overall investigation. FFI professionals are prepared to properly capture data by invitation or subpoena and can properly maintain the chain-of-evidence when necessary. We have the equipment, software and expertise to secure, extract and interpret data findings, often in the face of password protection, encryption or physically damaged drives. Restoring critical data can provide solid investigatory leads and specific evidence ... even after an intentional hard drive format.

FFI also performs extensive electronic information system security scans, software audits to isolate and remove internal and external threats, and network configuration advice designed to protect a firm's most valuable data.




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