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3 bl arrows bl box2We offer attorneys enhanced litigation support which allows them to evaluate a case from not only the legal perspective, but also from a business perspective. By assisting the legal team with qualitative and quantitative analysis, FFI enhances the discovery process and facilitates settlement decisions by accurate evaluation. We offer expert witness services in cases involving businessgavelfr-related matters and shareholder and contract disputes among others.

We specialize in providing research, sound reporting and expert testimony in all matters related to a fraud or forensic case, including business valuation, interview results, common internal fraud schemes, fairness opinions and conformability. We work for both corporations and attorneys, debtors and creditors, both inside and outside of the court system.

We recognize the need for intense integration into a legal team from the early discovery process through to decision, while maintaining strict information security and control. In every case, a senior case director oversees the litigation project, maintaining one-to-one communications with the trial team for consistency throughout the matter's life cycle.

FFI can assist in field investigations, evidence collection and analysis, data and document research, computer forensics and forensic accounting examinations. Our services include pre-trial strategies and addresses issues during the trial and the post-litigation phase.

Our professionals respond to the complex needs of attorneys, their clients and the unpredictable nature of legal proceedings with coherent and concise communications, which we then support with extensive courtroom experience.

We offer perspective encompassing interview results, common internal fraud schemes, fairness opinions, data interpretation and economic loss estimates.




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